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Lucy’s hand-sculptured Candle Art is for those who want something special as each candle is an original work
of decorative art. Hand-coloured & hand-sculptured, they are finished with a porcelain-like glaze, so their beauty is  long lasting. Lucy sculpts candle art for Religious Devotion, Weddings,  Baptism Ceremonies, & Celebrations.

Created in her Candle Art Studio, Sydney, Australia.

Lucy creating Candle Art  Darling Harbour Sydney     Click the ads away

Artist Lucy

What is so special about Lucy’s Candle Art, both in her Candle Art and Oil Paintings, is her use of colour, which gives her art works a sense of life. Examples are her harmonious pink and blue coloured candle as seen in the Sydney Morning Herald photo above, and her pink-rainbow above. B31. This means Lucy can create candles to match the colours of your ceremony.

This Sydney Morning Herald review on Lucy’s Candle Art says, ‘When the candle has been dipped about 40 times, she takes a special blade and starts peeling back petals of wax, revealing the layers of colour built up in the dipping process. By hand she deftly twists and curls the wax petals.... Many people buy the candles as sculpture to be kept ....although it is a beautiful experience watching the layers of colour glow from within, as the candle burns down.”

The photo shows a harmonious pink & blue coloured candle art - a popular choice for wedding candles.

Courtesy of  The Sydney Morning Herald.

Text; Sarah Rodrigues; Photo Tanya Lake.

Candle Art Personalised for you

Lucy’s skill with colour brings her art to life

Lucy’s candles glow from the


Lucy’s candle art colouring is seen most vividly when burning her candles. Unlike ordinary candles Lucy’s Art Candles burn down the inside. It is a beautiful experience watching the layers of colour glow from within. The candle radiating its colours for hours, and hours, and hours. As hand sculptured beauty transforms into hand coloured glowing beauty. B5

Lucy’s Candle Art can be personalised with name & date, with a photo, and a prayer or verse. And with a cross, Crucifix, and symbols for Weddings, Baptisms, Christenings and Naming days. See above blue-boy Baptism Candle  with Crucifix, name, date, photo, and decoration. B12

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You can always find Lucy,  just Google ‘Lucys Candle Art’ 

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